WWCH 2013 Day 4 Spain VS Poland – Germany against Czech Republic

Six matches will be played at WWCH 2013 on Monday. Most interesting clash will be the one in Zrenjanin where will meet Spain and Poland. Here are the schedule:Group C (Zrenjanin)15:45 Paraguay – Angola18:00 Spain – Poland20:15 Argentina – NorwayGroup D (Novi Sad)14:45 Tunis – Hungary17:00 Czech Republic – Germany19:15 Australia – Romania Angola handballWWCH 2013 ← Previous Story WWCH 2013: Denmark beat Japan – Congo scored 9, Dominican 10… Next Story → Ulrik Wilbek announced Danish squad for EHF EURO 2014! read more

Lino Cervar The crowd will be our 8th and 9th player against

Metalurg Skopje won the third place in the group stage after the brilliant win at home over Barcelona, and in the L16 phase the draw conducted by the EHF got them matched against Danish KIF Kolding. Lino Cervar, Metalurg’s coach, is cautious as usual.– Before the draw we had three difficult opponents, now we have only one – KIF Kolding. I had no desired opponent as I believe that KIF Kolding is as dangerous as both German teams. It’s a team of very experienced players, which are over the age of 30, a team that had the best defence in the group stage. The names of Kim Andersson, Lasse Boesen, Stefan Hundstrup, Kasper Hvidt, Torsten Laen, Bo Spellerberg, Albert Rocas and others, speak enough of the team we are playing against.– I prefer to think positively, as it’s the pitch that everything is decided on. We have to be even more motivated and with greater fighting spirit than the game against Barcelona. What worries me is the condition of Pavel Atman, which is of great importance to us, as we have only limited amount of players on disposal.– What I know is that the game in Skopje will be a real handball celebration, and I expect an invasion of fans on the gameday. I’m sure that the crowd will this time be our 8th and even 9th player, because people are proud of Metalurg and its successes, and handball is the national sport number one in Macedonia. ← Previous Story Branko Tamse (Celje): “Flensburg play the most beautiful handball in Germany” Next Story → VIDEO: Have fun with Beach Handball in Australia! EHF Champions LeaguehandballKIF KoldingLino Cervarmetalurg read more

Four arrested in connection with Carlow and Kilkenny burglaries

first_imgFOUR MEN ARE being questioned today over a spate of burglaries in Carlow and Kilkenny in recent months.Gardaí arrested the suspects during planned searches at a number of locations across Laois, Carlow and Kilkenny this morning.Working under the operation name ‘Fiacla’, detectives are investigating the connected robberies.The four, all aged in their 20s, are currently being detained at Thomastown and Carlow garda stations under section four of the Criminal Justice Act, 1984.Read: Shotgun and drugs found during garda searches over Johnson murderMore: Five arrested in Dublin/Wicklow for ‘unlawful organisation’ membershipRead: Murder investigation underway as body of man found on Meath beachlast_img read more

Alltime low ECB cuts its main interest in boost to tracker mortgage

first_imgTHE EUROPEAN CENTRAL Bank has cut its key interest rate by 25 basis points to a record low of 0.25 per cent this afternoon.The news from the Frankfurt is a pre-Christmas boost to some 375,000 people who are on tracker mortgages that are tied to the ECB’s main interest rate for the eurozone.The cut is the first in six months when ECB president Mario Draghi announced a similar 25 basis points cut to 0.75 per cent and today’s move marks his fifth since he took office as president in November 2011.The cut is seen as a reaction to falling inflation and the latest forecasts that the eurozone economy will expand more slowly next year than previously expected.The ECB’s main task is to keep the cost of living relatively unchanged meaning an ‘ideal’ inflation rate should be two per cent.In October, inflation in the euro zone declined to an annual rate of 0.7 per cent.That’s all folks: Troika wrap up their final visit to Ireland todaylast_img read more

Japanese man stole 185k to feed his cats a luxury diet of

first_imgA JAPANESE MAN went on a year-long burglary spree, making off with a haul worth $185,000 to feed 120 cats a gourmet diet, police said this week.Mamoru Demizu, 48, is suspected of breaking into houses to steal cash and jewels on 32 separate occasions.He told police that he stole things to come up with the money to feed scores of his feline friends, spending up to 25,000 yen ($250) a day, an officer said.“He said he felt happiest when he rubbed his cheek against cats,” the officer said.Unemployed Demizu kept one animal at his home in Izumi city, western Japan, and about 20 in a nearby warehouse. He also fed 100 more strays that lived in the neighbourhood.“He would give them fresh fish and chicken, not cheap canned food,” he said.- © AFP, 2013Read: Archbishop Tutu’s house was burgled during the Mandela serviceMore: ‘Snuggle shop’ offers professional hugs for $60 an hourlast_img read more

Taoiseach snaps up extra prints of TIME magazine wouldnt you if you

first_imgTHE DEPARTMENT OF Taoiseach spent €111.95 on extra prints of Enda Kenny’s TIME magazine cover.The payment, made to Levon Biss Photography Limited, was made in November 2012, two months after the Taoiseach’s face graced the front cover.In reply to a parliamentary question from Fianna Fáil’s Niall Collins on the photography costs for his department, Enda Kenny said: A photographer from for the Presidential Inauguration in November 2011 cost €3,956.70. A formal “family” shot of all the EU directors  – including photo shot, post production touch up and prints (36copies) cost €512.62. Photographing the Olympic torch at Government buildings cost over €250 Taoiseach’s meeting with Bill Clinton at Government Buildings in October 2013 cost €249.69 Jesse Jackson visit in 2011 cost €409.58 The Late Dr. Garret Fitzgerald’s Funeral 21-22 May 2011 cost €2,359.50 Pic: Enda Kenny is on the cover of TIME magazine this week>center_img Photography costs in my Department have reduced from €83,398 in 2008 to €13,448 in 2012 and €4,898 in 2013 – excluding EU Presidency photography costs.However, €40,052 was spent on photography of the EU Presidency.Obama visitThe figures reveal that a total of €4,537.50 was spent on photography of President Obama’s visit on 23 May 2011.Costs relating to photographing the St. Patricks Day Visit to Washington in 2011 cost €2,106.14, while the 2013 visit to New York cost €2,235.66.Other photo costs include:last_img read more

Collector finds Marvin Gayes passport inside album bought for 50c

first_imgHE LEFT IT somewhere safe, anyway. A bit too safe, some might say.A motown collector from Detroit discovered soul legend Marvin Gaye’s 1964-issued passport in a record he bought for 50c at a house clearance sale.The find was detailed on the US version of the Antiques Roadshow, when the travel document literally fell into the motown fanatic’s hands. Source: pbsAccording to the PBS transcript, the lucky collector said it came to him by “pure accident” while working for the Motown Museum in Detriot. After a Motown musician had passed, we had gone to their house to pick up some items that the family wanted to donate to the museum, and they had said, ‘Is there anything else you wanted? Because otherwise, it’s going to be in the estate sale this weekend.’ He didn’t get much for the museum, but headed back to pick up a bargain for himself.When I got home, I was going through them and out of an album fell this passport. And so it literally fell into my hands.Now appraiser Laura Wooley says it could be worth $20,000. The guy reacted as one would imagine.Wooley explained that Marvin Gaye memorabilia is extremely rare as well as the fact that passports are a limited document in general. The worth also comes from the evidence of Gaye’s travel and the addition of the ‘e’ to his name.It’s not known how the passport ended up in the album sleeve, but the musician whose house was being cleared had worked with Marvin Gaye in the past. Source: Bob CollinsThis train station sign in Kilkenny is so wrong, but can you tell why?>Facebook pledges to make special Look Back vid for grieving dad>last_img read more

Update Missing man Craig Macken found safe and well

first_imgUpdated, 18:20GARDAÍ HAVE SAID that a man for whom a missing person’s appeal was issued earlier today has been located safe and well.An appeal for information on the whereabouts of Craig Macken, aged 22, was issued earlier this afternoon.The 22-year-old had been last seen leaving his home in Coolock at 5:30pm on Monday evening.Gardaí thanked the public and media for their assistance and said no further action was required.last_img

US banker ordered to pay €600000 for sale of subprime mortgage securities

first_imgA US JUDGE has ordered Fabrice Tourre to pay more than $825,000 (€593,000) after a jury found the former Goldman Sachs trader defrauded investors in selling mortgage-linked securities before the housing bust.US District Judge Katherine Forrest said a two-week trial last summer showed that Tourre misled investors over the risk of the investments sold by Goldman in 2007.The securities cratered after the housing price bubble collapsed, leaving the investors with large losses.Forrest ordered him to pay $650,000 in civil penalties and $175,463 plus three percent in disgorgement of ill-gotten gains.The amount was close to the $900,000 sought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).Forrest rejected arguments by his attorney to cut the fine to $65,000.She also sided with a request by the SEC barring Goldman from reimbursing Tourre for the civil penalties, noting that the jury found Goldman a “co-violator” in the case.But he was not barred from seeking reimbursement from other parties.Tourre, nicknamed “Fabulous Fab”, became a symbol of Wall Street excess before the financial crisis. In August, the New York jury found him liable on six of seven counts of fraud.Tourre “authored false emails and misleading marketing materials that were distributed to potential investors,” the judge wrote in a 34-page decision.“Tourre’s conduct spanned seven months, and involved many emails, meetings, and calls. He has shown no remorse or contrition.”SEC director of enforcement Andrew Ceresney said he was “pleased” by Forrest’s decision.“The ruling reflects the SEC’s intent of pursuing meaningful sanctions to punish individuals responsible for misconduct and deter others from violating the federal securities laws,” Ceresney said.Tourre, who is currently working on a doctorate in economics at the University of Chicago, did not directly address whether he would appeal.“I remain deeply grateful for the unwavering support of my family and friends as I consider potential next steps in the legal process,” Tourre said in a statement to AFP.“I am focused on earning my doctorate in macroeconomics and pursuing an academic career.”The judge rejected a request by the government to ban him from the securities business in the future. Forrest said the injunction was unnecessary in light of Tourre’s plans.- © AFP, 2014Read: Regulator ‘didn’t think it was appropriate’ to ask Sean Quinn about Anglo stakelast_img read more

Could Mona Lisa have been a feminist who wanted more women in

first_imgIT’S TAKEN HIM 12 years, but an amateur art historian from Texas reckons he’s solved the mystery of the Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile, five centuries after it was immortalised by Leonardo da Vinci.In a just-published book, The Lady Speaks: Uncovering the Secrets of the Mona Lisa, William Varvel argues that La Gioconda was a 16th-century feminist who favoured a greater role for women in the Catholic church.“La Gioconda was trying to get people to see that the New Jerusalem would be here as soon as you recognise women’s theological rights,” Varvel, 53, a former mathematics professor, told AFP in a telephone interview.La Gioconda may be a grand statement for women’s rights.His theory joins many others – some serious, others fanciful – surrounding what is perhaps the world’s most famous painting, which draws legions of tourists every day to the Louvre museum in Paris.History remembers the Mona Lisa as Lisa del Giocondo, a mother of five born into an aristocratic Florentine family whose husband, a cloth and silk merchant, commissioned the portrait.Da Vinci, who had already painted The Last Supper for a Dominican convent, toiled on the oil-on-poplar painting from 1503 to 1506 and perhaps several years after.In his 180-page book that’s not always an easy read, Varvel explains that, in the course of his career, Da Vinci had painted “each and every verse” of the final chapter of the Old Testament’s book of Zechariah, which anticipates the rise of an ideal society within a New Jerusalem.He did so, Varvel contends, “in order to state that women’s rights to the priesthood should be recognised”.What’s more, the author said, “Leonardo constructed and placed a total of 40 separate symbols taken from chapter 14 into the background, middle ground and foreground of the composition of the Mona Lisa.”Religious clues? Thus, Calvary rises from behind the Mona Lisa’s right shoulder, while the Mount of Olives is on the other side. And folds on the arms of her robe suggest a yoke – a reference to Biblical texts and women’s oppression.For Da Vinci, the idea of a New Jerusalem “was based upon a universal recognition of both men and women of the laity to have recognised rights of the priesthood of Jesus Christ,” Varvel said.The perception of the New Jerusalem is the secret that her smile reflects.Fascination with the Mona Lisa endures: over the years, some viewers claim to have sensed mysterious signs in her eyes, her voice has been reconstructed by Japanese enthusiasts, and a doctor once diagnosed her as having an excess of cholesterol.“It’s even been said that she’s a man, even the portrait of Leonardo da Vinci himself,” art historian Laure Fagnart told AFP.“In my mind, there’s nothing that’s really hidden from us,” added Fagnart, a specialist in Renaissance art at the University of Liege in Belgium who has not read Varvel’s book.“This is the portrait of a bourgeois woman like dozens of others from that time, albeit perhaps more difficult to read than other works,” she said.Da Vinci was an artist who put thought into his painting, he did nothing in an innocent fashion.For all the years he’s committed to studying the Mona Lisa, Varvel has never actually seen it up close.“I’m not going to fight the crowd to see La Gioconda,” he said. “If I go to Paris, the Louvre is going to give me a private showing — and if they don’t, I won’t go.”- © AFP, 2014Read: Investigation at the Louvre after thousands of fake tickets foundMore: Human remains to be exhumed to recreate Mona Lisa smilelast_img read more

TheScoreie chats to Football Weekly about Twitter trolls and why United would

first_imgAHEAD OF THEIR sold-out show in Griffith College, TheScore.ie chatted to some of the stars of The Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast.The interview took place the afternoon before the United-Olympiakos tie. In the first of a two-part interview, we look at a number of topics including whether Moyes has complete control at United, why they might have been better off going for Jose Mourinho as coach, the lazy criticisms of internet trolls and the pros and cons of journalists versus ex-pros doing analysis.So read on and enjoy, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the site tomorrow morning for the second part of our interview…TheScore: How do you see the game [United v Olympiakos] going tonight then?James Horncastle: I can see United winning but not going through. I don’t know how that will go down. I don’t know whether that will be enough. There’s a pattern with United this season. They have an encouraging win that lifts spirits, then they have a crushing defeat. Going into this weekend, West Ham — they might be okay — but then City…TS: Moyes hasn’t been great, but could anyone have done a good job with this United team?Raphael Honigstein: I think everyone expected them to have a transitional year, but there’s a difference between them finishing third and fourth, or seventh — a big difference. It’s become quite clear that Moyes has made a lot of mistakes, he didn’t quite get the players on his side, at least not the important ones, and then they shot themselves in the foot over the summer in the transfer market. Plus, the post-Ferguson effect, where everybody’s just a little bit more relaxed, not quite as focused on winning, not quite as afraid of not winning, which has all combined to make them weaker. Also, everybody else, including Everton, have strengthened. Maybe Spurs are treading water, the results have been decent, they’re more or less where they should be and they’re better than United. So United have stagnated and gone back, and everybody else has made a few steps forward. I think it is a disaster, and it’s being seen as one.The long-term effect is minimal. They’re so strong that they can easily afford a year out, perhaps even two or three seasons out. It’s damaging to the brand though.TS: Can they still compete with City and Chelsea financially?RH: Of course, their turnover will be just shy of £500million for this season.JH: I think had they appointed a Mourinho or a Guardiola — and that’s a window of opportunity that they perhaps missed — either of those coaches could have at least pointed to their track record and said, you know I’ve done this in the past, I can do it again. And people would perhaps give them more time because of that. With Moyes, he doesn’t have that track record to point to, so it becomes focused on — people think: ‘We’ve got no proof that he can do it, we don’t think he’s going to do it.’ Source: EMPICS Sport(David Moyes has endured a tough start to life at United)RH: I think they would like to give him time. They would like to find a way to let him be until the end of the season and then start again in the summer. It would be good for them because they could still project this image of stability. It wouldn’t be such a slap in the face of Ferguson. There are a lot of reasons why they would like to persist with him. But if they get the feeling that the majority of the important players just do not believe in him and subconsciously don’t perform as well because they almost want to send a message that this guy’s not up for the job, then there’s nothing they can do. That’s why managers, who might be actually very good managers, get fired. If the team don’t believe in them, there’s no chance. And I disagree a little bit with this view that managers should be given time. I understand Ferguson is the big example. But you’re getting paid a lot of money to bring success now, not three or four years’ time. If you gave me the job and let me try out a few things in three or four years’ time, then we can improve results as well, but I’m here as a person to improve results instantly. But if you look at his peers — who are the best managers right now — they more or less had success instantly. And that’s why they’ve become big managers. They didn’t need time treading water before they started winning things.TS: Like Moyes, Kenny Dalglish was well-liked and Liverpool would have been very reluctant to sack him, but they did and it paid dividends. Is United’s stance, by contrast, a backwards one?RH: I think the situation’s not very comparable because Dalglish basically sacked himself, as he refused to go to America and conduct this inquest on what went wrong. He wanted total control, the board didn’t want to give it to him and ultimately, there was no way he was going to keep that job.With Moyes, it’s different. He’s been bending backwards not in terms of relinquishing control but being very open. He still talks to Ferguson all the time, but the bigger point for me is that a manager, in his first season, should be at his strongest with the club and with the players, and you see he hasn’t got that kind of authority. In my view, it’s not going to get better, it’s going to get worse. If they stick with him, and everyone knows they’re only giving him another trial year, then the situation will replicate itself if the players feel that kind of weakness.At the moment, if they can find someone, which is a big ‘if,’ they’ll get rid of him in the summer. Source: EMPICS Sport(Former Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish “basically sacked himself”)JH: Mourinho was playing to the crowd and putting himself in the frame for that job, particularly if you look at the United-Madrid European Cup tie last year. He was practically going cap in hand to Ferguson and giving the impression that he wanted that job. When he got the Chelsea job again, his opening press conferences were: ‘Look, I am the guy Man United wanted me to be. I’m here for stability, I’m here for the long term, I want to build a team through young players.’RH: I don’t believe a word of it. And I don’t think United believed that he was a United-type manager. Unfortunately, I think you can also sway too much in the opposite direction. With Moyes, he’s not going to become political the way Mourinho would have, he’s not going to start falling out with people upstairs. Is he up for it? Does he have the right charisma, does he have the persona, the right authority. And I think what they perhaps underestimated is that supporters want to buy into somebody’s leadership qualities. They want to believe this guy knows what he’s doing. Often, managers have to be really good actors. They have to portray this sense of being in control and Ferguson was a master of that, and Moyes isn’t. His press conference yesterday was painful to watch.JH: Before the Liverpool game as well, to say they were the favourites and then afterwards, say that ‘any average man would have done the same’ in that role — you’re not an average man, you’re manager of Manchester United.He’ll say: ‘Everything we did in training this week pointed to a good performance and it went wrong. I don’t know what we could have done differently.’One of the roles Mourinho really appreciates is the role of communication in the modern management game, and having charisma. It’s one of the reasons why Klopp, aside from his football, aside from everything else, having that sort of package as a personality, who transcends his work on the football pitch. I don’t think Moyes has any of that, or he wasn’t exposed to any of that at Everton.Mourinho is as close there is to a guarantee in football in terms of delivering championships. Guardiola is that too. They’ve missed that chance to bring in either of them. And I think below them, you think would Klopp work at United? Source: AP/Press Association ImagesRH: It’s difficult to answer. It’d be his first job abroad. The first time his communication would be through the prism of a different language. You couldn’t say this guy’s going to be an instant success.TS: Could he be another AVB — someone else who enjoyed great success in his country, but has struggled to adapt elsewhere?RH: The difference is Klopp is much better at man management. AVB is very technical, very tactical, but never really managed to strike up a rapport with either team that he’s worked with. That ultimately was his downfall.There’s a good analogy, because Abramovich wanted to stick with AVB right through to the end — he was desperate to keep him in the job because [sacking AVB would] reflect badly on Abramovich. There was a belief that given time, he’d be able to sort it out. But it got to the point where the majority of players said: ‘That’s it, we can’t work with him anymore.’ United haven’t reached that point yet, but you could see if they were to get knocked out [of the Champions League] and if they lost heavily against City, you could see the players saying: ‘You know what, we’re getting slaughtered here, but the guy upstairs is useless.’TS: Isn’t that happening already? There are certainly murmurs of discontent.JH: There was an understanding at the beginning of the season, as it played out, that a number of those veteran players were reaching the end of their time and perhaps needed moving on, but that seems to have accelerated. Whether it’s accelerated because of Moyes or because they themselves want out [is difficult to say]. Particularly someone like Vidic, being the captain of the club, organising to go to Inter Milan, for that to be made public when it was — it makes him not a lame duck captain, but it’s an awkward situation and I think that, in some respects, is indicative of certain members in the dressing room looking at him and thinking, this isn’t the club that I wanted to be a part of. The piece Van Persie put out the other week felt as if a press officer stood over him as he wrote it.RH: The way it’s been described to me by someone at the club is that Moyes is just incapable of lifting people. The thing that makes everybody believe that they know what they’re doing. When you make changes at a big club like United, you always have to talk to the guys who are not playing. Apparently, Ferguson, which is perhaps one of his less well-known qualities, was always talking to those players that weren’t playing and making sure that they felt really valued and felt very tall. Because when the time came, they still had the confidence to perform. Apparently, you just don’t get it from Moyes.JH: It really comes across in that Class of 92 documentary when Ferguson comes up to a player and says: ‘I really need you ready for this game.’ That immediately focused the mind, but the player then looked at the fixture list and realised that game wasn’t until three weeks’ time. But he was putting everything into being ready for it, because he knew in three weeks’ time, he’d have that opportunity. So I do believe that’s quite an underregarded quality. Source: AP/Press Association ImagesTS: Moving on, what is it that people respond to in the podcast? What is it that makes it so successful and popular?JH: Jimbo [laughs].RH: It’s difficult to answer, because you’re in the middle of the storm, and you sometimes wonder after recording and you’re not quite sure was it a good one or was it terrible. The producer Ben makes it happen, because there’s a lot of stuff that ends up on the cutting floor.It probably takes about an hour and a half to record, [jokingly] then Jimbo always takes half an hour extra to write his intro, he’s never ready on time, parking meter’s running, then there’s about five attempts at phoning Sid [Lowe] and then Sid just goes on and on and on and on with every single question.[Barry Glendenning walks into the room]JH: He’s one of the reasons [pointing to Barry].RH: I think it’s less the podcast but just the way of looking at football. There’s a niche for it that this podcast and other podcasts and websites and people who work in different roles are feeling. Taking football very seriously, but at the same time, not taking it too seriously.BG: [Sarcastically] It’s because of me… As you’ll have noticed, the star turn doesn’t travel with us [laughs]. He pointedly comes on his own in a separate airplane. Separate bus, different hotel. So what you hear on the podcast is just an illusion. We actually all loathe each other [more laughs].RH: We travelled Ryanair. [James Richardson’s] going on a gulf jet. It’s one of those planes with a pole fitted into the side, like in Iron Man.JH: That’s how he keeps himself in shape.TS: Could there ever be a point where people such as yourselves with no background playing the sport professionally start covering live football matches on national stations, as has happened with journalists in other sports?RH: It happens in other countries as well. In Italy for example, they tend to have a mix between journalists and ex-footballers, particularly on their review shows on a Sunday night for the league. For the Champions League it’s different, they’ll use someone like Gianluca Vialli or Alessandro Costacurta, but in terms of their league coverage, yes, that’s something they have been doing for years.ITV have started doing it. On the Review Show, they use German journalists and French ones. On BT, we do a show, and it very rarely has an ex-pro in the studio. But I still think there’s something to be said for the analysis to have someone who’s done it at the top level. It just kind of resonates more. Beckenbauer or somebody of that ilk will say something about Bayern playing boring, and it’s a headline. If I say it, nobody cares. Source: The Guardian/YouTubeBG: [jokingly] You have to make rude hand gestures [to make headlines]… We’ve had Kevin Kilbane in a couple of times, and it’s always nice to pry and get a player’s perspective, particularly as he can kind of say things on the pod that he might not get away with on television. So the mix is good. Some ex-pros are excellent and some aren’t very good, and some journalists are good, and some bring nothing to the party… I’d be one of those [laughs].TS: Are you often frustrated by the attitude, sometimes promoted by ex-pros, that people who haven’t played the game at a high level, i.e. journalists, know little or nothing about it? And is this attitude particularly prevalent in British footballing circles?RH: I dunno, German Sky only last season started having journalists involved in the Champions League coverage. They have these kind of talk shows like Sunday Supplement, where predominantly journalists would be involved, but there are usually three or four token managers or players as well, because people don’t believe that giving journalists a spotlight is strong enough. So I’d say Britain is open and quite good in that respect.You’re always going to get [the prejudice] and you’re always going to get it from punters. You see on Twitter that people will sometimes disrespect your opinion, because they’ll ask what have you done. But in general, it’s fairly open-minded.TS: What’s the worst thing someone can say to you on Twitter?BG: You often get accused of lazy journalism, which is in itself a very lazy criticism, because it’s very unimaginative. Jonathan Wilson wrote this article and it involved visiting two, if not three different continents, and talking to about nine different people, and he produced this 3,000 word opus. And someone went: ‘That’s sh*t, lazy journalism.’ And he’s going: ‘Well, it might be shit, but it is NOT lazy journalism.’ He had travelled 54,000 miles and had spoken to nine different people using interpreters to bring you this piece of ‘shit’. So, apart from just gratuitous abuse, ‘lazy journalism’.TS: Bias is another favourite.BG: If you’re being accused of bias by somebody who’s wearing a Chelsea shirt, wearing a Chelsea scarf, has a Chelsea season ticket, has Chelsea posters on their wall, then who exactly is bias here in their view on Chelsea?RH: Twitter brings out the best and the worst in people. You do bring out the nutcases who feel that they have to defend their clubs against every opinion that might not be on their same wavelength. But then again, I’ve met amazing people on Twitter and been exposed to great ideas, so it’s fantastic too.What’s worth remembering is that people will usually praise your article if they agree with your opinion. It could be an article where you think, you know what — I’ve done a lot better. But because people might agree with the argument, they’ll say: ‘That’s brilliant.’ But at the same time, you might write something really interesting and well written, but they don’t like the argument and they’ll say: ‘This is absolutely sh*t.’ And you just have to understand that and grow a pretty thick skin.Look out for part two of the interview tomorrow morning on TheScore.ieTitle race: 5 reasons why Liverpool can win the Premier League>Woof! It’s our 25 favourite AC Jimbo intros from Football Weeklylast_img read more

Eight out of ten investors positive on Irelands prospects

first_img“Patent cliff” saw Irish economy shrink by 0.3 per cent last year>Investors feeling less confident about Irish economy> In our opinion, his increased optimism is contributing to a slightly higher risk appetite when it comes to investors pursuing medium to long-term growth opportunities. The barometer shows the vast majority of investors questioned see value in global stocks, and this is reflected in increased interest in Europe in particular. CONFIDENCE IN THE Irish economy amongst investors has shot up by more than one quarter in less than a year, a survey by RaboDirect has found.The investor barometer published this morning shows that 81 per cent of respondents are feeling positive about Ireland’s economic prospects, up from just 55 per cent this time last year.The upsurge in confidence extends to the prospects of the global economy, climbing to 86 per cent from 64 per cent in Q1 2013. Respondents to the survey of investors said that they were also feeling positive about their personal financial situation.The stock market is seen as the best place to deploy capital, with 78 per cent finding value in that arena. Only 11 per cent said they would invest in property.Popular sectors among the investment community included technology (31 per cent), finance (20 per cent), sustainability related investments (17 per cent), with investments in healthcare and commodities attracting the interest of 16 per cent of investors.RaboDirect investment manager Killian Nolan said that the growth in the confidence had been aided by a steady stream of positive news on the domestic front around the country’s economic prospects.last_img read more

Tesco leaves US as profits drop by 51 per cent

first_imgSUPERMARKET BEHEMOTH TESCO has said it is closing its stores in the United States and exiting the country as the company’s pre-tax profits fell by 51.5 per cent in one year.It is believed to be the first time since the early 1990s that the company has seen a drop in its annual profits, with pre-tax profits falling to £1.96 billion.The cost of leaving the United States market is estimated at £1 billion.Overall Tesco recorded an underlying profit before tax of £3.45 billion (€4.02 billion) – a drop of 14.5 per cent per cent – in its preliminary results for the year ending in February 2013.The biggest drop came in Europe, where the company saw a drop in profits of 38 per cent. The UK, which accounts for the vast majority of Tesco’s profits at more than £2.2 billion, saw a drop of 8.3 per cent.Growth in Ireland grew slightly in the first half of the year but dropped in the second half, leading to an overall drop in growth of 0.3 per cent.Tesco noted one of the biggest problems in Ireland is that “after a period of relative calm following its early exposure to the crisis, customers are facing a further round of austerity measures which has further impacted spending.”Overall Tesco had sales of £72.3 billion, with sales growth of 1.3 per cent.Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke said the announcements were the “natural consequences of the strategic changes” which began more than one year ago to change how Tesco delivers its service in a major restructuring.Read: Tesco chief outlines changes after horsemeat scandal >Read: How to climb into a supermarket ball pit >last_img read more

20 things you wont believe are 20 years old

first_imgTHE LION KING turned 20 yesterday. Yes, we can’t believe it either.But that’s not the least of it, a lot of things turn 20 this year that we just refuse to believe. When did you turn 20? Probably ages ago, because you’re so old.1. Forrest Gump Source: Wikimedia2. Pulp Fiction Source: Wikimedia3. The Shawshank Redemption Source: Wikimedia4. Oasis’ debut Source: Fotos5. The original Playstation Source: Museumofgames6. Saturday NightDee, dee, na, na, na. Source: iXpyre/YouTube7. FriendsWhat was life even like before Friends? You remember, oldie. 10. The real life Jungle Book Source: Gifsoup11. Riverdance12. My So-Called Life Source: Startledthewitch13. The O.J Simpson trial14. Yahoo!Here it is, baby Yahoo. Source: Uludagsozluk15. AmazonThey only sold books back then. Source: Antyweb16. This bank note Source: Banknotes17. Power Ranger toys Source: Tons-of-toys Source: Tons-of-toys18. Zombie, zom-BAY BAY BAY Source: TheCranberriesVEVO/YouTube19. K’Nex20. Saoirse RonanSob. Source: © Chase Rollins/AFF-USA.COM13 horrifying truths that prove time is not on your side>11 facts everyone knows that are actually completely wrong> Source: Soup8. Donkey Kong Country Source: Wikimedia9. Green Day’s Dookielast_img read more

How to get an extra 768MB of Dropbox space for free

first_imgDropbox is a fantastic service whatever way you look at it. The free account gives you 2GB of space and the ability to earn more if you get your friends to sign up. But today the Dropbox team seem to have introduced another (easier) way to earn yourself an extra 768MB of free storage.The steps to getting this extra space are extremely simple if you already have a Dropbox account. Simply visit https://www.dropbox.com/free and login. You will be presented with a page of tasks to do to earn yourself Dropbox storage in allotments of 128MB. Do them all and you’ll get the full 768MB of space.AdChoices广告Understandably you may not want to do all the tasks such as allowing Dropbox access to your Facebook account. But the Twitter tasks are easy to do, as is writing something about Dropbox in 97 characters. So you can get most of the storage without a privacy hit.So, what are you waiting for? Go earn some extra space and tell your friends about it.via ChurchCrunchlast_img read more

Skype may be next Google or Facebook acquisition

first_imgSkype is the original VoIP service and one of the few such services to maintain and grow its popularity over the last 8 years. In that time it has been acquired by eBay and then sold sold to an investment group in 2009. Today, it counts more than 124 million connected users per month, has video as well as voice chat, and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.Taking all that into account, Skype looks likes a desirable acquisition for anyone, and that’s why the company has planned to go public. But that public offering has been delayed, and it looks as though two of the biggest Internet companies are trying to swoop in and purchase the service before anyone else can.AdChoices广告It is thought both Facebook and Google are in talks with Skype over a potential acquisition. Sources talking to Reuters suggest a valuation between $3-$4 billion would seal a deal and stop the company going public. Alternatively, going public is expected to net the company around $1 billion.Read more at ReutersMatthew’s Opinion$4 billion is a lot of cash to spend on a VoIP service, and you do have to question the logic of such a move for both Facebook and Google.On Facebook’s side they already have a much larger userbase than Skype can offer, and you can bet a large percentage of Skype’s users already have a Facebook account. So gaining users isn’t really a plus for buying Skype, so why doesn’t Facebook just develop its own VoIP service and save some cash? Saying that, its the underlying technology and established service that is drawing Zuckerberg’s eye. With little work Skype could become Facebook’s voice and video communication solution powered by credits and rounding out the social experience through the site.On Google’s side they already have a voice chat system in place with Google Talk. So Google doesn’t really need the Skype tech. A 100 million+ new users would be a nice bump, but again, many of them may already have a Google account. But for $4 billion? That looks expensive to me.last_img read more

Geek deals Save at least 100 on the Dell Vostro 3750

first_imgDesktop replacement laptops had traditionally fallen into one of two categories: low-end 15-inch laptops with zero bells or whistles, or multi-thousand dollar 17-inch systems that had desktop components stuffed inside for maximum performance with marginal portability. Recent years have seen a third category emerge in between these two, one where features and portability are balanced with the price tag.Dell’s Vostro 3750 is a perfect example of this, hailing from their small business focused product line. Its 17.3-inch display means the average user will literally not need a desktop setup at all, as they have plenty of screen real estate and a full sized keyboard with number pad. This isn’t a leftover model either, featuring the 2nd generation Intel Core processors, 1600×900 resolution display, HDMI output, 802.11n WiFi, ExpressCard, USB 3.0, eSATA, and media card reader.AdChoices广告This well featured machine starts at just $499 thanks to a total of $100 in web discounts, coming with a Core i3 processor and 2GB RAM. But you can step up to the better loaded Core i5, 4GB RAM model for $639, which also has a fingerprint reader and nifty backlit keyboard. Unfortunately the coupons that make these models such a great deal won’t last long, so don’t wait if this is something that catches your eye.Visit LogicBuy for the Dell Vostro 3750 laptoplast_img read more

Sony to end MiniDisc Walkman production after 19 years

first_imgAnyone growing up listening to music today probably won’t even know about cassettes unless their parents are reminiscing with them. Music today is all about digital downloads, MP3 players, and to a diminishing extent music CDs.Sony stopped producing Walkman cassette players in 2010, but you may be surprised to hear its replacement for the cassette, the MiniDisc and associated Walkman range, is still in production and has been since it was first introduced back in 1992. However, that is set to change in September when Sony finally stops production of the devices, exactly 19 years after they were first introduced.The MiniDisc could store up to 80 minutes of audio, but also acted as a general purpose storage medium using a magneto-optical disc. Even so, the small size of the players and versatility of the discs wasn’t enough to compete with music CDs and the introduction of MP3 players. Few music publishers decided to release albums on MiniDisc which also meant the format’s draw was limited. This was reflected in MiniDisc Walkman sales which even now only top 22 million units.The good news is, anyone who still uses MiniDisc as a format may be losing the chance to buy a new player later this year, but disc production will continue. For some unknown reason Sony will also continue producing stereos with MiniDisc players in them.via Nikkei.com and CrunchGearMatthew’s OpinionI was 14 when MiniDisc Walkmans were first released and I remember them being quite a cool device to own. It was mainly to do with the decreased size of the portable players compared to tape Walkmans coupled with the card-like MiniDiscs themselves. I also remember the reason I didn’t buy one was due to how expensive they were, and a very small selection of music being sold on them in all the big music retail stores.Eventually the MiniDisc just became a better way to transfer and store music than tape was, but it really was a stop gap to the age of digital music and the iPod. It never really stood a chance against such a device.If you own a MiniDisc Walkman that’s in good condition I’d package it up and store it somewhere safe. With only 22 million sold they are going to become a bit of a collector’s item in a few decades, and trying to sell one now is not going to net you much profit.last_img read more

Chrome Native Client powers the first mobilePC crossplatform games

first_imgFew things are more frustrating to an avid gamer than the complete and total lack of cross-platform support for most games out there. I want to play online, with my friends, regardless of what platform they are on. Some have tried, but it’s never really been a unified experience.PC gamers brag that their amazing rigs are better and more accurate than the console gamers, and console gamers argue that their gamepads are far better for gameplay. I feel like a unified gaming platform would have shortened the war by five years and saved millions of dollars in the process. My cries for unification fell on deaf ears, with few exceptions… until today. Today, it looks like the team at Spacetime Studios is expanding their popular series of MMOs to allow the PC, Android, and iOS platforms to all play together thanks to Chrome Native Client (NaCl).At Google I/O this year, the Chrome team announced that the Native Client SDK was being released in beta, bringing the ability to build web apps that could seamlessly launch native compiled code in the browser.  Among the many possibilities this brings to Chrome, it meant it would be much easier to render 2D and 3D graphics, which meant Chrome could become a rich gaming platform that works on computers of every kind. Effectively, any game written in NaCl would work on anything that could run the Chrome browser. What’s more, it would allow you to switch back and forth between those clients and maintain the same game profile and data. This was a huge step for browser-based games of any kind, but the guys at Spacetime Studios decided to take it one step further.Chrome Native Client is still in Labs state, meaning it’s not ready for primetime yet, but we noticed that the Chrome Web Store was on the list of places you could play games made by SpaceTime Studios. The developer team behind the smash hit MMO Pocket Legends has been busy to say the least. One of the biggest MMO games on iOS, and the first MMO to cross-platform between iOS and Android was a significant accomplishment. Added to that the recent release of the futuristic MMO Star Legends to both platforms and you’ve got a very popular pair of games ready for a surge of new users. None of the SpaceTime games can be found right now by searching the Chrome Web Store, so we anticipate that Native Client will be released any day now.The Chrome Web Store is likely to soon be filled with more powerful game titles, like the Pocket Legends and Star Legends MMO games. The ability to play anywhere you have access to a web browser is a powerful tool, and one that will grow more popular. I don’t think we are anywhere near seeing browser games take over traditional games like Call of Duty or Starcraft, but I think we will certainly start to see the lines between those words get more blurry over the next year.Now, with Chrome NaCl on the horizon, anything with a browser will be able to play with Linux users, Mac users, Windows users, and mobile users as well. For MMO gamers out there, it’s an impressive new way to play no matter where you are.Want more background? ExtremeTech explains what is Native Client.last_img read more

How Google could make Drive Androids secret weapon

first_imgNow that Google has finally released Drive, there’s been adequate time to compare it to Dropbox and the other services out there. Drive brings something really interesting to the cloud world, especially by allowing third party apps to interact with it. And, of course, the real strength behind Drive will be how it ties into Google’s other products. There is one part of the Google ecosystem, however, that I feel Drive could be incredibly powerful, but it doesn’t seem like Google is moving in that direction yet. If Google were to take Drive and make it your backup site for your Android phone, it would make the platform more powerful than anything else in the mobile world.The New Phone DilemmaEveryone deals with the same struggle when they get a new phone, especially a smartphone. You have to migrate your whole world over to this new device. As it stands right now, the restore process is a usually huge pain. I’ve heard horror stories of four hour recoveries when the iPhone 4S was released, especially from users who kept their entire lives on their phone.As it stands right now, the cloud-happy Google tries to minimize the frustration of this process through your Google account. As long as all of your data — your contacts and so forth — are stored with Google, your whole world is re-synced to your new device in minutes.Well, at least that is what it looks like on the surface. Sure, you get your contacts and your emails and your calendar, and Android 4.0 devices will even start syncing apps, but where’s all the stuff from inside that app? Where are my scores from the hours of my life wasted on Angry Birds, or my settings and keyboard layout from Able Remote? All of that stuff is gone as soon as you switch phones.Google could turn over their APIs for Drive into mobile APIs that would allow for developers to sync their internal game data to a secure area in Drive. The user wouldn’t need to have access to the information, just make it available when you install an app that authorizes with your Google account. This could be similar to how Microsoft has allowed developers limited access to SkyDrive, but with the specific intent of storing app data to be restored at a later point.All of the pieces are there, and the end result would be a totally seamless move from device to device, which is one of the biggest reasons hardcore Android users even root their phones anymore. Apps like Titanium Backup scrape all of the data off of your phone and allow you to paste it onto another device, so you don’t lose all of the data form within your apps. This is clearly a feature that users want, and Google has the power to offer it.The Problems with Offering App ImmortalityThere is bound to be some hesitation to implement something like this in certain apps. Games have started growing a social element, with services like OpenFeint, and in some cases, a high score can yield unlockabe items that other users would need to pay for. If users were to have access to the game data, they could manipulate systems and end up costing these game developers money.While I am personally not the type of person to immediately assume that all of my users want to steal, the concerns are legitimate. If Google were to be able to lock the data down somehow, or require some authentication between your device and the game to approve the merging of the data, that would probably solve most of those concerns.The secondary issue behind merging game data is the possibility that users will just keep playing the same game, for the purpose of completing the entire game. Many of the more popular games in the smartphone world have reached the point where there are releasing sequels and expansions. Personally, when I moved to a new device after having spent more time then I am willing to admit playing Mini Squadron, I saw the special edition of the game in the Play Store and didn’t feel the need to install the previous one. I had played enough of it after all, so it was time to see what the new game had to offer.Any way you look at it, the fear of loss revenue could cause problems for a Drive filled app experience.Final ThoughtsGoogle could reach into this situation and offer a really powerful tool for their platform. The company could make it possible for users to experience a seamless transfer from device to device. We already know that it is possible — anyone who has ever used a rooted app to backup their phone has found that being able to merge your app data to a new phone is really sweet. By offering the control of this to the app developers, it seems like the end result would be a no-brainer that anyone would appreciate having.last_img read more